Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's a Christmas Miracle - Cheerlights for ENC28J60!

Just in Time!
     Okay, this will just be short, as I have holiday stuff to do soon! In case you have not heard about Cheerlights, here's a brief description: Cheerlights is a network of microcontrollers controlling colored lights based on social networking. The original Cheerlights used GE Color 50 lights, a string of addressable RGB LEDs and an ioBridge.
     Having none of this, but really wanting to participate, I downloaded the Arduino code. It, however, uses the Arduino Ethernet library, which didn't work with my ENC28J60 ethernet module (article coming soon). So basically I compiled this code together from the Cheerlights example and the example code from the Ethercard library. Huge thanks to everyone who worked on both of those, they are both awesome ideas. Also, I used an RGB LED from my local Radioshack. It's common anode.

My pseudo-Cheerlight setup taking its rightful place
next to the DVD player and [TiVo]