Friday, October 7, 2011

74xx Update

This post is just an update of what I've been doing with the 4000 series rocket launcher. I also thought that in the spirit of OSHW, I should try to upload as many files as I could. So first off, here is the PCB layout, ready for toner transfer. Here is the corresponding Fritzing file (Note: I really prefer Fritzing to Eagle, but I only use the PCB section, not the breadboard or schematic). As for the second part of the launcher, the actual seven-segment countdown, here is the PCB PDF and the Fritzing file in case you want to change anything. I recently found out about a new kind of etching process (which involves a sponge and much less time) so etching pictures should be up soon. If you've been looking at Dangerous Prototypes recently, there are some incredible circuits made of these chips, but I'm hoping this will get a "Not Over the Top" award or something. Check in soon for etching instructions!

Unfortunately, just a few hours before the deadline for the competition, my last part of the circuit failed. I attempted to solder the last 4017 directly to the PCB without a socket, but it burned out or something because the the circuit failed to work. Too bad. Hopefully they have another competition!

Also, I have been very pressed for time recently. I should have a lot more time now, so hopefully some post will come out.

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