Friday, May 18, 2012

Dangerous Prototypes Free PCB Build

EDIT: DP put my post on their site! I got a nice email from Lynn with a new PCB code and the board is on its way!

So some time ago I entered on of Dangerous Prototypes' free PCB contests. I left my name in a comment box and then, on my first try, they sent me a code! How nice of them. With the code, I went into their PCB Drawer and found this USB IR shield. I gave them my code back and they sent me the PCB. It came all the way from the Netherlands and had a neat stamp and a nice Dangerous Prototypes business card. If you have five minutes on a Sunday, maybe you should comment on the free PCB post. What's especially cool is that if you populate the PCB they send you, they'll give you another code to get another board.
    This is what it looked like when it arrived -

Taken from the DP site

    I think this is what it was intended to look like when populated -

Also taken from DP
    This is what mine looked like -

Right down to the little blue dot on the receiver...

Check out this post to see the LED's lit up
    It's essentially the same; I just used the protoboard area before I finished the IR transmitting/receiving region. An observant reader might recognize the board from my Cheerlights for ENC28J60 project. I chose this board as my first from Dangerous Prototypes because it had a fairly low part count and the prototyping area, both of which I really like.


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